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Streamer Forum

Dein Streamer-Forum für alles rund um das Eine: Streaming. Egal ob Twitch, YouTube-Gaming, Smashcast oder wo ganz anders - hier findest du bestimmt Hilfe! › tutorials-2 › wie-erreiche-ich-mehr-publikum. Beamter im Schuldienst und Streamer: Hallo Zusammen, natürlich sind hier (​außer Referendarwin und vorbeigeschneit) kaum Beamte. - Support-Forum für Streamer

Auf der Suche nach Leidensgenossen finden einsame Streamer auf der Plattform Reddit mittlerweile ein vergleichsweise recht großes Forum. Warp Streamer.:thumbsup: Vor dem Erstellen von Beiträgen bitte sicherstellen, dass die jeweils aktuelle Software-Version verwendet wird: Bogart für Windows. Du und auch all die anderen Streamer brauchen Hilfe um das Wachstum zu Nutze diese Chance, stelle deinen Stream vor und behalte den Forum Post.

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Streamer Forum So far I keep avoiding making that level of commitment to Roon. Csgo Cases Online in. TomC Well-known member. I stream a lot Milka Weihnachtsmandeln pretty much remember the albums I love, if you have roon the liner notes are there, also and think they're on a tidal also. So, why jump on a bandwagon now? JavaScript is disabled. Joined Apr 5, Messages 24 Likes 3 Location california. Thanks for being that someone. I tried the newer Linn app but found it does nothing that Kazoo does not. Search Advanced search…. Maybe you can buy Volumio or other project flashed to a uSD card from their website to help support them if you want to spend more money. Streaming ist eher der Weg und nicht das Ziel. Wie wächst mein Publikum? Willkommen im Forum! Längstes Wimbledon Spiel thread Question Have you "cut the cord" or are you considering doing it? I don't think so. I am not telling you that I am an expert but I would go as far as saying I have done a lot of it. Oct 31, Caviator.

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Search Advanced search…. Search Advanced…. New posts. New profile posts. JavaScript is disabled. If your answer is just Redbook, I disagree.

I have done many comparisons, and MQA wins or at least ties every time. I do believe Redbook CD quality is the best there is when you are streaming from the internet.

I am not convinced MQA is an improvement see the relevant threads, and the work done by Benchmark and Archimago. Mind you, this was with non MQA music, but I can't see how it would make a difference.

My biggest concern with MQA is that you will be beholden to them as long as they are in business like Dolby. And, with high resolution streaming still in its' infancy, I expect things are going to change quickly.

So, why jump on a bandwagon now? The debate over MQA is a big can of worms. Some think it sounds great for what it was intended for Why not leave it to the range of good software options available in the marketplace, like Antipodes does, and either lower the price of components or put the software development money into sound quality?

A good while back I owned Aurender and thought its Conductor app was pretty good, although I'd still go with Roon.

SQwise, it occasionally seems slightly better than Roon, but not significantly so. I prefer Roon I subscribe to Tidal and Qobuz and use it most of the time.

It has significantly more functionality, more information, and greater ease of use. I use an iPad Air 2 to control Roon. Jim Heckman.

Thanks Jimski, very good points there. Still it makes you wonder if company like DCS not able to create piece of software that would competive with Roon on the platform they have designed themselves.

All the features, optimizations and no compromise approach they are following on hardware side, it should be better on their own devices.

Like most of these software titles they just give you a way to browse Radio TuneIn stations, Tidal, Qobuz, etc, plus access to your own library assuming you have a server system for same Would you be share some of things Kazoo does better and what you especially like?

I have heard a good things from Kazoo as well, but also some not so nice things like some serious bugs. Have you encountered any bugs?

Lots of good information here. I used to use Roon with the Node 2 and then on the Auralic. My grounds are personal. I find CD sounds better at close listening but streaming is perfectly acceptable to me and to be fair the medium I use most.

In an ideal world, I'd have both and have both. DIB Well-known member. May 21, 12 18, I still enjoy the thrill of buying a CD and waiting for the postman to arrive.

If I'm in the mood then I'll pick a handful of CDs to take to work and play through the day in my van. So basically my CD player does not see as much action as it used to but I still wouldn't be without one.

DIB said:. Reactions: Gray. You must log in or register to reply here. Post thread. Checking in before I light some money on fire Or not?

Sibilance after Bi-wiring Started by Adam W. Oct 18, Replies: Started by tomtom Yesterday at PM Replies: 6. Latest posts. Amp advice for my set up Latest: matthewpiano 7 minutes ago.

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Streamer Forum
Streamer Forum Im Streamer Forum von kannst Du deine Gedanken zu Twitch, Smashcast und Co. mit anderen teilen und Dich über interessante Themen rund​. Dein Streamer-Forum für alles rund um das Eine: Streaming. Egal ob Twitch, YouTube-Gaming, Smashcast oder wo ganz anders - hier findest du bestimmt Hilfe! In diesem Forum kannst du deinen Stream vorstellen! Beachte bitte die» Bereichsregeln! › tutorials-2 › wie-erreiche-ich-mehr-publikum. About us. Our community has been around for many years and pride ourselves on offering unbiased, critical discussion among people of all different backgrounds. Small Streamer Forums? question Other than reddits like this as well as popular streamer pages, it doesn't seem like there is a dedicated place for small and large streamers alike to go and network with one another. A place to discuss home theatre equipment, as well as everything from the latest DVD or Blu-ray release, to online movie streaming and the latest cinema releases. This is a review and abbreviated measurements of the Linn Majik DS-1 integrated streamer and amplification. It is on kind loan from a member. It has been discontinued but back in (?) when it was announced it was US $4, I see a recent ebay sale for a bit over $1, The Linn is an. About Community /r/Twitch is an unofficial place for discussions surrounding the streaming website If you want to provide feedback, ask a question or show some quality content, this is the place for you! k. 5/15/ · Hi, looking for a streamer without a DAC to pair with a Topping D Budget is under $, and I'm prepared to by-pass the on-board DAC if no pure streamers are available. I need wireless connection to my network, bit perfect I wish to stream high rez. Any suggestion would be appreciated. 10/28/ · Hi all, Hope everyone is well. Apologies in advance if this is a noob question but, since steaming platforms can now support lossless, CD quality, what is the benefit of a CD player over a streamer? I have this perception that a CD player should sound better (all . 3/30/ · I am pretty sure you need an MQA device to finish the unfolding of the MQA titles on Tidal. With a Mac you can get 96/24 kHZ res, but with MQA certified device (streamer or dac) you can get /24 kHZ res. Of course there are many, many people that do not like MQA and say that the sound is not great, losing bits, not lossless and other things.


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